The reader’s eyes track across the unfurling prose on the website in front of them.




Surely not. This is going to be way

too meta to actually work as a

mechanism for predicting or

communicating dialogue.


And it was, so he reverted back to describing narrative action, relying on this short passage to indicate his script writing capacity.

Babel communicates meaning well with words. By using copy to refine and articulate concepts, we create an environment where those concepts take hold. Good copy isn’t about complexity, or obscurity, but accessibility, each word tailored to comfortably anchor an idea in a reader’s mind.

We communicate meaning well, transplanting ideas between minds, in the process facilitating wonder at what is and what could be.

Communicate meaning well.

Babel Creative is a creative agency that specialises in screenwriting and narrative film production for advertising and film.

Babel was named for two stories that inspired its own. First is the Library of Babel by the incomparable Jorge Luis Borges, whose effusions in prose inspired a desire to create art, for at least one of his readers. Secondly, from the Tower of Babel in Biblical literature, in which a great structure that stretched to the heavens was built as a monument to shared language and understanding. 

Babel was born of these ideas - a desire to express art through shared understanding - and its purpose is to do so through film and prose. We use screenwriting, copywriting and narrative film production to do so.

Ash Dighton


Ashley Dighton is an award winning writer and director from Queensland, Australia, and the founder of Babel Creative. He doesn’t like writing bios one bit, but he has won Telly Awards for Directing and Cinematography with his advertising work, and his films have screened and won awards around the world. He cares deeply for examining and documenting the connections between people, and doesn’t much care for hollow prose, lists and irony.

Tim Dighton


Tim Dighton is a Solicitor with experience across a range of private and public sector roles.  He is an experienced commercial negotiator and litigator, and remains connected to the creative world through his degree in film theory and his extensive experience in leading teams in marketing, communications, and large events.  Tim has also worked at a strategic level with large non-profit organisations, and lead several successful mega-projects in infrastructure and transport.

I have worked with Ash for a few years now and his work has become instrumental in the growth of my business. He very quickly captured the style I needed to present what can be very dry science to a market place that is all about people. I totally trust his copywriting for me and often hand large pieces of projects to him to complete on my behalf. Apart from his exceptional work he is very easy and receptive to work with which is refreshing.

Chris Phillips

CEO Grey Matta Solutions

I am always reluctant to give personal references because in my 30 years business experience, they are often overstated. But in the case of Ash Dighton, I am happy to provide very strong support. I have worked with Ash in a digital capacity for some time now and his ability to create content that clearly articulates ideas is exceptional. Ash delivers his material on time and to a very high standard. He is a problem solver and an original thinker. I could not recommend him highly enough.

Patrick McGuire

CEO Marketplace Strategy Solutions

As a design studio with a focus on branding, being able to communicate effectively with copy is extremely important. We are a small and nimble team so being able to engage someone with Babel Creative’s skillset is vital in creating compelling branding and marketing communication.

Ash and his team are a pleasure to work with, they are quick-to understand our ideas and concepts and have great ability in translating that into beautifully written content which is engaging and on-brand.

We utilise Babel Creative’s skills for a range of different creative services, from brand name concepts, content writing, as well as more menial tasks like proofreading presentations and blog articles.

Whatever the job, Babel will always go above and beyond and deliver exceptional results. I see Babel as a long-term creative partner for our business and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to other digital or design agencies, or direct to clients.

Not only are Babel great at what they do, they’re extremely enjoyable to work with. Win-win.

Dan Rowell

Director - DSR Branding